When you requested solutions to power and reliability issues with his 80’s , 100s and 105s Series Toyota Landcruiser as you had already spent a lot of money trying to achieve this result from the original 1HZ engine. Through discussions with Many client to determine what they used their 4WD – work or pleasure trips, off-road as well as on-road, Jap Engine Imports advised that in order to resolve these issues it was possible to completely replace his 1HZ with a 1HDFTE front cut,  The 1HDFT Engine is a 24 Valve Mechanical type Turbo Diesel Engine. It is a direct replacement to the existing 1HZ non turbo engine and will bolt up in place. Being the mechanical type it is a much easier conversion that the 100 series 1HD FTE with has an electronic fuel pump and fly by wire setup. (that was an option) but most of the clients want more power and an engine where they can add tuning tools like Uni Chip and hi-flow Turbo ,  so we got you covered at Jap engine Imports for whichever option would you like to pressed.     When you buy 1HDFTE Front cut you get everything you need for your conversion, from A To Z ,basically you buy the whole front of the car, its an optional with or without gearbox .   

Jap Engine Imports

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