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Jap Engine Imports is a locally owned company that has been supplying top quality replacement & reconditioned diesel engines & gearboxes to the Automotive Industry for  years. We have Australia’s  largest range of guaranteed low km Japanese import motors.Replacing an engine with a guaranteed motor is the best option.We freight to anywhere in Australia. 3 Months Warranty. If we don’t have it in stock we’ll find it for you from our local and overseas suppliers.



Half Cut Conversions

There may well come a time when your car engine decides that it’s time to call it quits permanently.Or you want to upgrade from 1HZ to more power engine,  You have a few different options available when that happens, starting with simply scrapping the car altogether. If you are pretty handy, though, you might consider an engine / motor replacement or a half cut. More and more people are going with the half cut from JEI freighted Australia wide. It is essentially what it sounds like, which is the front half of the vehicle that has the engine, gearbox, and some other elements intact. If you can get a half cut that is the same make of vehicle as the one you own, your engine replacement job might just be a whole lot easier, If you have any question just give us a buzz and we happy to help .

Monthly Container of Engines

We have Monthly container arrive to our shop here in Perth, so if you request an engine and we don`t have it we can place a pre-order for next container, it doesn't have to be Japanese made , it could be any engine or gearbox as your request.


Most of our Rebuilt Engine is  1HD-T 12 Valve

Toyota 1HDT factory Turbo reconditioned engine , this engine has been stripped , acid dipped and cleaned, the block , cylinder head, crankshaft, conrods and camshaft have been cracktested and checked out. All engine components are reconditioned and assembled to a long using our high quality engine rebuild kits. Our 1hdt engines come with the following -:

A fully reconditioned injector pump, 6 reconditioned injectors with denzo nossels, A full engine rebuild kit, A new water pump and thermostat, A new timing belt kit, A 6 month warranty


Introducing our 1HDFT(E) with mechanic fuel pump.*All 79,80,100,105 series owners if your 1HZ blowing up and you looking for conversion we get you covered with one of the best engines Toyota have ever made , This Engine been converted by our experts mechanic therefore we give 6 months warranty with the engine and fuel pump, * we sell the engine and gearbox as full conversion or engine by it self  * no need for wire Harness or ECU anymore

  * bolt in straight for any 1H engines replacement.


1) Are you engines complete?
Yes, most of our engines are sold complete.

2) Do you offer a delivery service?
Yes, we freight Australia wide. All our engines and gearboxes are strapped and wrapped onto skids or pallets. You can use your own transport company, or we can do it for you.

3) How do I go about registering my new engine?
Each state has its own rules and requirements. Please check with your local transport department.

4) How many kilometers do your engines and transmissions have on them?
It is not possible to quote the exact number of kilometers an engine or transmission has. Our suppliers in Japan do their best to source engines and transmissions that have done under 200,000kms. So while some of our stock will have this amount of kilometers, most in our line of stock will actually have less.

5) Do the Japanese have to sell their engines or scrap their cars at a particular amount of kilometers or time?
No, the Japanese do not have to sell their engines or scrap their cars once a certain mileage or time has been reached. Shaken is the name of the vehicle inspection (road worthy) program in Japan. The inspection system is in place to ensure cars on Japanese roads are properly maintained, and are safe to be on the road. Shaken is a detailed bi-annual inspection, which is very expensive, especially for older cars. In Japan, once a car reaches a certain age, it is more cost effective to get rid of it and buy a new vehicle. Since there are a limited amount of used cars sold in Japan, most of the vehicles are either exported or dismantled.

purchased a Toyota 1HD-FT engine from here to replace my 80 series 1HZ engine. Adam was very helpful with arranging delivery, and his after sale service is second to none. He prides himself on building & maintaining his companies good reputation. The engine is 100% & running like a dream! I'm very impressed with the power from my stock 1HD-FT. Anyone looking to do something similar, I would highly recommend Adam and his team at Jap Engine Imports for your engine conversion needs. Quality engines at the best prices!
Reece Dalgish

Landcruiser Owner

Adam is a great, honest bloke - purchased a half cut 1hd-fte and he could not have been more helpful. he just wants to see a successful build for my landcruiser. Could not be more happy with the engine or the service I was provided. Also helped me track down some hars to get parts. Cant speak highly enough.
Dan Cotter

Project Manger

Shipments and returns

Engines are generally dispatched within 2 days working days after receipt of payment and are shipped using a courier service or taxi truck service of your own choice.

We can and will organise the delivery of your engine after the purchase has been finalised and payment has been received into our Bank.

Please contact me by phone on:  1800577527 to discuss your delivery needs.

Please use our online contact form for more details on the engine advertised on our website or for delivery options and costs.

All shipments are shipped through third party carriers. We ship through TNT Freight and Northline Freight. Tracking numbers are provided for all shipments and we will be able to provide precise tracking information for all orders. Please contact us  and we will be able to provide you with your tracking number.

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