Australia’s  largest range of guaranteed low km Japanese import Engines



Jap Engine Imports is a locally owned company that has been supplying top quality replacement & reconditioned diesel engines & gearboxes to the Automotive Industry for  years. 

We have Australia’s  largest range of guaranteed low km Japanese import motors.
Replacing an engine with a guaranteed motor is the best option.
We freight to anywhere in Australia.
3 Month Warranty. If we don’t have it in stock we’ll find it for you from our local and overseas suppliers.



There may well come a time when your car engine decides that it’s time to call it quits permanently.Or you want to upgrade from 1HZ to more power engine,  You have a few different options available when that happens, starting with simply scrapping the car altogether. If you are pretty handy, though, you might consider an engine / motor replacement or a half cut. More and more people are going with the half cut from Gearbox Engine freighted Australia wide. It is essentially what it sounds like, which is the front half of the vehicle that has the engine, gearbox, and some other elements intact. If you can get a half cut that is the same make of vehicle as the one you own, your engine replacement job might just be a whole lot easier, If you have any question just give us a buzz and we happy to help  



We have Monthly container arrive to our shop here in Perth, so if you request an engine and we don`t have it we can place a pr-order for next container, it dosn`t have to be Japanese made , it could be any engine or gearbox as your request


Introducing our 1HDFT(E) with mechanic fuel pump .
  *All 79,80,100,105 series owners if your 1HZ blowing up and you looking for conversion we get you covered with one of the best engines Toyota have ever made , This Engine been converted by our experts mechanic therefore we give 6 months warranty with the engine and fuel pump, 
* we sell the engine and gearbox as full conversion or engine by it self  
  * no need for wire Harness or ECU anymore
  * bolt in straight for any 1H engines replacemen





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