Get More Power out of Your Toyota Landcruiser: Shop Jap Engine Imports to Find Genuine Toyota 1HD FTE Engines for Sale Today

As Toyota’s single longest running automobile series, the four-wheel drive Landcruiser is an off-roading behemoth known for its power and reliability. For more than half a century, Toyota has produced the Landcruiser—achieving exceptionally high popularity in Australia, where high temperatures, rugged terrain and other challenges demand the kind of power and performance that the series has long provided.

At Jap Engine Imports, we stock genuine Toyota 1HD FTE engines for sale. These engines are meant specifically for the Landcruiser series. If you are restoring a Landcruiser and need a new engine, or if your automobile has been lagging regarding power, replacing the engine with a genuine part from our store will help you get the performance you deserve out of your Toyota Landcruiser.

Is the 1HD FTE Engine Right for Your Landcruiser?

If you are browsing Jap Engine Imports and looking at a 1HD FTE engine for sale, then your biggest question is probably about whether this specific engine is the right one for your Landcruiser model. The Landcruiser’s first model year was 1951, which means that there have been many different versions of the cruiser—using many different engine variations—over the years.

The Toyota 1HD FTE is specifically intended for Toyota Landcruisers produced within a decade-long period. From 1998 to 2007, Toyota produced Landcruisers as part of what was called the 100-series. During this time, Toyota built both the Landcruiser J100 and the Landcruiser J105. The 1HD-FTE engine came in all Landcruisers with the vehicle designation of HDJ100, and we first saw them in Australia in 2000. As such, if you drive a Toyota Landcruiser that was manufactured and sold in Australia between 2000 and 2007, there is a good chance that the Toyota 1HD FTE engine is the compatible engine for your vehicle.

1HD FTE for Sale: Know the Specs of Your Toyota Replacement Engine

If the 1HD FTE is the compatible engine with your 100-series Toyota Landcruiser, then Jap Engine Imports is the right place to buy. We have tested each engine we carry to make sure that it is free of defects and ready to operate in the harsh Australian conditions. We get each engine up to operating temperature, to identify any faults before we sell the unit to a customer. Thus, you can trust that each Toyota Landcruiser 1HD FTE engine we have for sale is a quality, dependable part.

Toyota has already put in the work to make sure that the 1HD FTE has the power necessary for an off-road vehicle such as the Landcruiser. The engine provides 4.2-litre inline six-cylinder turbodiesel power. Other features include cast iron construction, direct fuel injection, a single overhead camshaft and four valves per cylinder. The fuel injection system has an electronic pump and intercooler. The engine is capable of producing power and torque of 151kW at 3400 rpm and 430 Nm at 1400-3200 rpm.

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